Of mice and pencils

{B&A} Before & After (the tango dancers)Last night me and Michel have been invited for some crème brûlée in Before & After. For the first time we visited this place, more famous with the tango lessons in Sunday evening.

Together with Vanya and Vladi (they are responsible for the choice of place) we spent a wonderful evening. We didn’t dance only because of our complete impossibility to do it, without first to take ten lessons-or-something. But our table was helpfully covered with some brown paper and few pencils were left there in a small glass. Everything arranged so unobtrusively, but disposing to draw something after the very good and stylish dinner (not only the brûlée deserves some attention;-))

{B&A} So it started with my mouseNot sure about the other people, but our small company was succesfully challenged. Everything started with small mouse, sitting on the sidewalk and reading a book. After that a big and eclectic house came on the paper, and after that… well, if I continue this way, It will became boring.

{B&A} Making the details together {B&A} Overview of the masterpieceIt is better to put some pictures (actually, that’s why am I writing everything :-P).

Here, enjoy the fruits of our cooperative work:

{B&A} Michel in action {B&A} Vanya drawing {B&A} And my 2% {B&A} Vladi drawing {B&A} More details {B&A} At the end the masterpiece was left to the restaurant

I have to say, it was really funny evening. We couldn’t decide easily what to do with the “table cover”, so finally we left it where it was.

We took with us only the good mood and the promise that will go there again.:-)

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