About Me & Contact

AniHello, I am Ani.

My full name is actually Anelia Kostova-Bozgounova, but I rarely use all of it. I am freelance illustrator and editor with more than ten years of print and digital design experience. I was chief editor of the .net magazine in Bulgaria, and author and editor for the lifestyle/fitness magazine BB-Team.

I make digital illustrations and drawings on paper and I mix different kinds of media to express visually the things that move my soul and lurk in my mind. My life is a quest of finding joy through love and creation.

If you’d like to work together with me, please contact me:
me {аt} molif {dоt} com

(Please note that I do some pro bono work every once in a while, but I don’t work for exposure.)

I also use Twitter (@molif) and LinkedIn. :)