Friday Bunny

Only that much

Friday bunny

Only that much today. But! It is Friday, there is a bunny, and it’s quite positive.

Smile more, dear friends! :-)

No Friday Bunny today

Friday bunny

Lots of apologies, but probably Bunny has got the cold and is not feeling very well today.
See you next Friday, dear friends!

Friday Bunny #80 – Bromidrophobia

Friday bunny

80. Bromidrophobia — Fear of body smells (or Bromidrosiphobia).

If you’ve ever been in our public transport during the summer, you should very, very well understand how Bunny feels…

Friday Bunny #79 – Thermophobia

Friday bunny

79. Thermophobia — Fear of heat.

Perfectly in harmony with the hot weather here – 38 degrees Celsius even in the shadows…

*This episode of Friday Bunny is made by Michel, thanks for the help, my dear! :)