Gravit mascot

Gravil the mascot

Ever heard of Gravit? If no, please, correct this mistake immediately. Gravit is a superb new tool that works both in the browser and on your desktop. I will say no more, try it and we’ll talk again. :-)

The dedicated team behind this project asked of me to make a mascot from their original logo and that’s what I did.
Interestingly, they loved it! :-)

Look how easily Gravil became “alive”: (btw, that’s the name they gave to this little devil — he knows what kind of tool you need for great design!)

This is their original logo:
Gravit original logo

Gravil animatedThey wanted also an animated GIF variant.

And when I say they liked it, I mean they even took the pains to make a life-size Gravil and travel to the United States with it!

Gravit on tour in the States