On the road

A Pencil Rebel

Not, it’s not about me.
I am rebelling all the time for this and that, but today I just wanted to present you one guy, who stumbled me in my daily work for .net – Grzegorz Kozakiewicz, or just – pencilrebel.

He is very crazy. And awfully inventive. Skillful.
And for his imagination one could say nothing more than what his site is revealing – see by yourself. :-)

Tha man has also a blog, very naturally. You can see there how he made this whole amazing site.

I am very fond of this particular and rare kind of people – for which there are no imagination limits in the work they love to do.

Strange, cats seems never-ending here :-)

I guess there are subjects and things that just gets me obsessed from time to time and something is making me going on in the same direction.
About fifteen or sixteen years ago, when I became friends with the clay for the first time, who knows why, but I started to make fairy dwarfs and small wizards. Most of them I gave to a friends almost immediately, but still have half a score at home, which i considered not good enough for a present.

In the last few years I have less and less free time and the needed serenity to do such things, but having this site made me realize that cats have ensconced themselves in it permanently and comfortable and for now they don’t even think about leaving.
On paper or from clay, it seems to imply that they know well what am I in need for – exactly not-being-in-a-hurry, more home life, even a bit of laziness.
Here are two specimens, that I love much.

First this charming one. Because he is always thinking for food, I gave him a magnet – to be close to the refrigerator. :-)

The classical spoiled lazy guy

We can learn many things from the cats. I admire their natural strength and elegance and the amazing ability to relax. Anywhere. Anytime.

Rub my tummy, please

And here it is the little pensive wanderer, who misses adventures and new lands:

Dreaming of distant travels...

He read a lot about the places that want to visit. But home is taking him back and it is getting harder to break the habit and go on the road.

His eyes are full with nostalgy

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He is also a big retro-fan and is born with the sense of good style. Always wanted to be a ship cat. He has heard that in the ship holds is full with rats, who knows the taste of rum and salt sea water. But he is not afraid, only curious to meet them.

His favorite music is swing

Terribly curious.


Always, when you put heart in your work, you take the risk to have it broken.


“Do not put off work…

…for tomorrow”. And why not?

After the warm and cozy holidays, spent mainly with family at home, I am again at work and feel awfully out of place.

Then I saw this and cannot resist to show it to all of you, who believe that work till death is something natural.


Show commitment

I do believe that everyone has its calling.
That he or she has to search for it without rest till the day when will find that the job is not only a job for money or prestige, but it could be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
What I thinks is that there is no such a job, deserving to neglect yourself, your health, your friends and family or just to forget that work is not the most important thing in life.

*People who put the focus only on carrier will inevitably pay the price, now or later. And this price is always high.
Bad news are that one can realize this only after life slapped him in the face and almost never before something nasty happened.

*/Deductions from personal experience/

Two-wheeled dreams

ВелолифтFew days ago a friend of mine sent me these photos. A bike lift.

Fascinating idea. I really wish to see something like that in Sofia.

Don’t tell me, I’m a dreamer, know it.

Strange why the most simple ideas cannot grow in here…

But it looks cool, isn’t it? :-)

The bicycle

On the road againOr otherwise said, the roadster. Or the mountain-bike, or the racer, or the old bike of grandpa. Name it whatever, I don’t care. It is a dream on two wheels.

If I can ride it, that’s what I care. And to listen the sound of the tyres on the road, this very specific k-r-r-rrrrrrr while you are pedalling (yep, I don’t mean the sound of not oiled chain ;-))

I decided to write something about the next best friend of the man after dog – the bike.
Personally I have deep feelings towards this invention of the humanity.

Pity, but soon after it was dicovered the man is trying with big application to forget the bike’s existence – because to ride a bike you should make an effort, and the effort is just that thing most people don’t like at all and do not want to do ever if possible.

I want though. And I am riding – struggling against the non-popularity of this machine in my urban environment. (more…)