Heart-shaped buttons

I made them this summer, while playing with a piece of Cernit clay.
Nice embellishments for gift wrapping or such things…

Heart buttons

I, robot


We spent the whole Sunday together with Michel, disassembling an old Pentium 2.
I came out with the idea of making a robot figure from computer parts, and he did it nicely, so I am leaving him with the pleasure of tell you all the details in pictures and words later.
The robot was meant to be a very special present for a very special friend and I hope he likes it. ;-)

Inspired by the new opportunities to mess about (I couldn’t resist to try myself), I observed what was left from all of the parts and assembled my own mini-version of a robot, who is curiously looking at me from the desk right now:

The little guy P-2

FYI, he can turn his head and waist on 180 degrees and he is a very friendly one. :-)

Twitter and the treasure hunters online

One little bird told me...

Twitter seems like the big fat enemy of the blogging these days… More and more witty thoughts, precious and funny links you can find mostly there. But this is also a good thing, at least in theory: this means, that probably the blogs will start to get filled with less “noise” and with more valuable content from the authors. In theory. ;-)

Very soon I hope I’ll be able to present you with the big changes in – mostly “the clothes”, but also some part of the functionality, which I want to improve. I am considering to add Twitter updates as well, it seems like a good idea to me.

Recently I found (blameTwitter again) link to animation in YouTube. It was a graduation project of a student from the Ringling College of Arts and Design. Where it’s obviously the students are people with amazing skills, or maybe the teachers are excellent, or maybe both, I don’t know.
Following “related videos”, I spent the whole morning watching short animations. Most of them are great – they show skills, good ideas and talent and some of the things are as good as Disney/Pixar’s.

I have to admit though, that I am not a huge fan of all this 3D hype – and I don’t mean bad for Shrek, but there are just too many animation movies lately, which for me feel distant and cold.
Maybe that’s the reason why I liked mostly this particular video (Author: Lindsey Olivares – great gift she has and amazing skills!):

Anchored from lindsey olivares on Vimeo.

And since YouTube are getting more nasty lately with their country restrictions, thanks very much, Lindsey, for putting your animation also on Vimeo. :-)

Oh, and here is another beautifully made animation from Lindsey:


Faith No More in Bulgaria

Finally!!! Will survive the postponed gig of Depeche Mode, most important now is Dave Gahan to get well. But will look forward for Mike Patton & Co to compensate me!

If somebody still doesn’t know, here is the news.

:-) :-) :-)

(and I love the city of Bourgas so much that I even think of moving there one day)

Have another one, I’ve got excited:

Who cares a lot? We care a lot! :-P

The rainmaker

There is always somebody who is not happy about the rain. But I think there is no such thing like “bad weather”.
I love the rain. Love it when it wets me down to my bones and reminds me I am alive. Love it when it gently murmurs on the attic window and when makes the pigeons hide under the roof… love it when is angry and is trying to wash out everything that’s not likable – the dirty streets, the gloomy faces of the people… I love it when it plays with the sun rays and when a “bear is getting married”*… merry, sad, tearing or frivolous… there’s no life without rain. There’s no rainbow. :-)

This week’s forecast is for rain, but the thought is not depressing for me, right the opposite.
When people complain about the rain, it is not worried. It knows that people are always complaining – if sun is shining, they’ll mumble it’s too bright or strong and they’ll put on black sunglasses.
But the Little Queen of Rain knows how important she is, so she is just quietly smiling. Her delegate knows well his work… knows where is needed and expected.

The rainmaker

When I consider how to turn an idea into a picture or a thing, it seems the time stops… or at least loses limitation.
I am drawing very intense lately. Remembering forgotten pleasures. Remembering how extremely good is the feeling of timelessness.
I like it, because I am usually such a paranoid person… always in a hurry, always in worry for not to be late. I have to learn how to be slower. :-)

* You may be interested to know more about this expression in other countries and languages?
In many English-speaking countries there is a word for this phenomenon and it is “sunshower”.
But in all languages there is an expression, associated with animal and wedding or birthday.
For example, in Southwest England, Finland, Japan, Malaysia and Portugal they say “fox wedding”, or “the fox is getting married”.
In some parts of Italy – “the fox is making love”, in Korea they say “fox rain”, in South Africa and elsewhere you can hear it as “the monkey birthday” or “monkey’s wedding”.
In Arabic “the rats are getting married”, but in other languages you can meet jackals (Hindi), tigers (Korean), witches (Spanish), poor people (Greek) or even the devil himself (English, Dutch, Hungarian and German).
I guess the fox alone was able to cross the world and reach from Japan to Armenia. ;-)

For all the linguists out there – here is some more information about this.

Tales in pictures

First try to make “soft” picture… Not very good, I’m afraid, mostly because I messed the sewing technique, but next time will make it better. :-)
I like the little cockerel, though. Every morning it makes me smile.

The cockerel

I love to find new ways to use some things from the house. Just recently I wanted to make something from felt, but I didn’t have any, so I just thought I could use some kitchen towels. It worked out well:

If you don't have felt...

You can use them to apply or sew on cards or bags or whatever you want. I still didn’t use them, indeed. :-)

And these are (or were) some mini-cakes, made last month. I remembered them now, as I’m craving for something sweet:

Mini-cakes for gourmands

They are so easy to make – like a piece of cake. ;-)

More mini-cakes


Clay play

I guess I’ve got more things to show than time and will to do it. Good news is, from time to time I remember that this site needs some update. :-)
Let’s check what’s happening around lately…

My fingers are nervous. They don’t want to be bored, so they always find something to do…
That’s why we always have new friends at home – like this mouse with curvy tail:

A kind of mouse

Or like this curious little fox, who likes to ask difficult questions:


This one is just a friendly wink to the mouse in Michel’s header:

Michel's funny mouse

Sometimes I like my little clay things more without any coloring…
Probably I should leave these as they are, don’t you think? :-)

Stilyagi (Boogie Bones) :-)

Among some of the best movies I’ve seen lately, there is one that I cannot simply watch & forget.
The first time I saw it, I didn’t know what to expect, at all.
Without checking imdb, almost all the time I was expecting for some deep drama to develop on the screen. And I was almost angry to every little detail that was not true from historic point of view or was too forced.
But somewhere around the half of the movie I realized that what you need to do is to get relaxed and watch it with one and only purpose: to enjoy it. To feel the real audio-visual satisfaction that it provides – with great music, stunning cinematography and amazing actors.

All the actors in this movie are simply wonderful – the young as the older ones. The seem not to act, but to live they roles.
Here you can enjoy two short music pieces from this movie:

“Stilyagi” deserves to be seen.
It’s a music movie, but not exactly musical. There’s difference, you know. :-)
But the influence it gives over all your senses is huge – the bright scenes and characters will probably haunt your head for days.

Oh, and there’s this impressive site for the movie.
You need to know Russian, and thus you’ll learn more facts about the story and the characters, as the movie is based on a book.

But what left me speechless after watching the movie, was the soft and good-nature attitude towards the past times.
You can feel the nostalgia, but you cannot find disturbing things like hate or denial.
The end is also very unexpected.
When the movie is over, you can find yourself irresistibly drawn to dance – and to feel young, alive, colorful. :-)