Friday Bunny

Friday Bunny #60 – Oikophobia

Friday bunny

60. Oikophobia — Fear of home surroundings, houses or being in a house.

Similar ones: Domatophobia, Eicophobia and Nostophobia – Fear of returning home.

Friday Bunny #59 – Hypertrichophobia

Friday bunny

59. Hypertrichophobia — Fear of hair.

I guess it’s a popular phobia, since there are different names for it:Trichophobia, Trichopathophobia and Chaetophobia.
There is also Doraphobia – Fear of fur or skins of animals.

Friday Bunny #55 – Electrophobia

What? Did you think that just because yesterday I published the calendar, today there is not going to be a Friday Bunny?
There is, only slightly different this time. :-)

Friday bunny

55. Electrophobia — Fear of electricity.

(It’s time to buy an UPS device).

Friday Bunny Calendar 2011

I really wanted to make a desktop calendar with the Friday Bunny.

May I present it to your attention now, with this note: according to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is the year of the White Rabbit.
It starts today, on the 3rd of February, and will finish on 22nd of January 2012.
That’s why the Friday Bunny Calendar is quite different than other calendars: it starts with February and will finish next January. :-)

If you like it, feel free to download it for your own pleasure.

There is a full archive here:
[download id=”1″] (ZIP, 4.5 MB)
…or you can download it month by month.

Friday bunny
February (2560х1600): [download id=”2″]

Friday bunny
March (2560х1600): [download id=”3″]

Friday bunny
April (2560х1600): [download id=”4″]

Friday bunny
May (2560х1600): [download id=”5″]

Friday bunny
June (2560х1600): [download id=”6″]

Friday bunny
July (2560х1600): [download id=”7″]

Friday bunny
August (2560х1600): [download id=”8″]

Friday bunny
September (2560х1600): [download id=”9″]

Friday bunny
October (2560х1600): [download id=”10″]

Friday bunny
November (2560х1600): [download id=”11″]

Friday bunny
December (2560х1600): [download id=”12″]

Friday bunny
January (2560х1600): [download id=”13″]

If you like it very, very much and you want to buy me a beer, I am glad to inform you that I now have a paypal account: :-)

They say that with the White Rabbit in power it comes the great luck.

The year of the Rabbit will put to an end all misfortunes and will bring purity, peace, justice, love, and trust. Let’s hope so!
I wish you a wonderful 2011!