Friday Bunny

Friday Bunny is taking a break today

Friday bunny

There were many times when I was this close to not present you with the next episode of Friday Bunny.
I “cheated” once or twice, but almost every Friday during the last year and a half there he was, trembling with fear.
Yet today, because of an awful headache and some other tasks that I cannot neglect, I decided to give this poor creature some well deserved break.
At least one Friday without being worried, isn’t it nice? Sweet dreams, Friday Bunny! :-)

Friday Bunny #69 – Mageirocophobia

Friday bunny

69. Mageirocophobia — Fear of cooking.

I always say there is nothing scary in cooking – if you have will and patience, you can learn to do everything. But I am not so sure about Friday Bunny…

Friday Bunny #66 – Anthophobia

(The eyes of the fear are big… Don’t forget to hover the picture with the mouse – there’s the reality.) ;)

66. Anthophobia – Fear of flowers.

Friday Bunny #65 – Astrophobia

Friday bunny

65. Astrophobia — Fear of stars and celestial space.

More: Siderophobia – Fear of stars, Spacephobia – Fear of outer space.

(on 12th of April was the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space)

Friday Bunny got new shoes

I tried some sport shoes design with Friday Bunny and friends for a contest, but I know the chance for winning is not that big, since there are many people participating and thanks to their Facebook friends, some have more than 600-700 likes.

But still, Friday Bunny has got real friends. One of them, Sve, asked me very nicely to try and make one pair of sport shoes for her.

I can’t resist a good challenge, so I didn’t refuse. Sve bought the shoes and the fabric colours and presented them to me this Friday evening.

My fingers were seriously itching to start the process immediately:

Finally, the result::

It’s not like some good factory print, but hand-made is a different thing, so I feel it looks alright.

Hope that Sve is going to like the shoes – she still doesn’t know they are ready, this post should be a surprise! :-)