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About drawing

SleeplessAfter I praised Art Rage in my previous post, I have to admit that i rarely have the time to play with it. The technique that I use usually is simply drawing with pencil, scanning and adding last touches with graphic software, if it needs. (more often this is Macromedia Fireworks).

Sometimes I draw, using the mouse, but it is difficult and not very satisfying to me.
I dream about trying how the things happens with a tablet.

I am not a painter.
It’s more like a passion for me, passion kept in a dark lumber room for the last years.
Now it is under the bright lights again, because it helps me smile. I hope it helped you smile, too. :-)

Play time

Fashmir's cat

One of my favorite software for drawing is Art Rage 2. And before you ask, I’ll tell you: no, this drawing is not mine. I’ve put it here only to illustrate this program’s possibilities. The name of the author is David Manuel, with nickname Fashmir (it is written, actually).

Art Rage gives you really big freedom…and not only if you are a gifted painter. :-)
Try it, you won’t regret. Except all, it is not expensive and also there’s a free version.
You can look at the galleries in the forum.
But be careful, you can be easily addicted :-) I warned you…

Your song – Moulin Rouge

Since yesterday I didn’t post a song, today i’ll compensate.

This song is from the movie Moulin Rouge and it’s performed by Ewan McGregor (and Alessandro Safina).
Personally, I like this performance, even if I am not aware of what Sir Elton John has in mind about it.

I stopped to trust his opinion since recently I read him saying somewhere in a interview, that James Blunt’s song You’re beautiful is the new equivalent of Your Song.

Let’s slow down a bit!

This morning I was sent this:

Slow Down Week

Do you happen to know the feeling of déjà vu while watching it? :-)

(Thank you, diva, for sending me the link).

Blur – Universal

Here is my song for today: click

Clockwork Orange…
There’s nothing occasional with Blur, especially in the style of this video…

Michel’s teddy bear

{BEAR} The bear, gift for Michel (with effects){BEAR} The bear, gift for Michel (no effects)

Some people got this teddy bear as a Christmas card from me, but probably few of them know, that initially it was born because of Michel, who likes fairy tales.

After he asked me, I publish the bear here in two versions.

Which one do you prefer? :-)

Of mice and pencils

{B&A} Before & After (the tango dancers)Last night me and Michel have been invited for some crème brûlée in Before & After. For the first time we visited this place, more famous with the tango lessons in Sunday evening.

Together with Vanya and Vladi (they are responsible for the choice of place) we spent a wonderful evening. We didn’t dance only because of our complete impossibility to do it, without first to take ten lessons-or-something. But our table was helpfully covered with some brown paper and few pencils were left there in a small glass. Everything arranged so unobtrusively, but disposing to draw something after the very good and stylish dinner (not only the brûlée deserves some attention;-))

Hello world! (Finally!:-))

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Here I am – a fresh new blog/website… And lots of white pages to fill in the days to come… Doing small steps, one at a time, can lead you on a long way.

So I’m simply happy that I started :-)

The main – MOLIF- it’s a joke. In Bulgarian, my native language, the word means pencil, but when it’s written MOLIV. (and in cyrillic, of course).

It has also another sense, but I’ll clear this up later. :-)