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Merry Christmas

Christmas is wonderful to me this year.
I can take a good rest (without being in hurry for anywhere) and i can notice all my relatives.
I still didn’t greet anybody from my friends – not even on the phone or with text message or however – and we were two days without internet at home, so it was peace and quiet here. ;-)

But now we have internet again, so, for those of you, friends, who are occasionally passing by – greetings with this performance of one of the best and brightest people that i have the joy and honor to know — Enrico Trevisan:

:-) Happy holidays, and don’t eat too much. (it could be worse than the hangover…)

Christmas Angel

Did you ever heard about this:


It’s wonderful!

And here one wonderful girl posted a picture today.

And then, I liked the idea so much, I wanted to try it soon and make a few angels from pasta… And today, we started to make the Christmas tree.

This year it is artificial, a gift from two American friends, and they left us with the tree and some toys for decoration, and suddenly, in the plastic bag, on the bottom, we found a little angel from pasta just like the one here.

Well, our angel was a bit broken, so I had to glue the head to the body and also the crown is not intact, but whatever – it came to us the same day when I saw him for the first time!

Little angel

What a strange coincidence!
Happy, happy me now:) Isn’t this magic?

With the colors of the rainbow

It was about a month ago when I found and bought a wonderful poncho in amazing colors.
I fell in love immediately and got inspired for this *self-portrait*.

You just cannot imagine my pleasure when shopping fruits and vegetables in Saturday morning from the little local store and when all the people around start to smile at me unintentionally…

Girl, by Ani

I see a different you

KOOP. Three weeks ago I didn’t know a word about them, but these two eccentric guys from Sweden deserve your attention even if you are not a fan of such music.
Tonight is their concert, promise to tell you how it was.

I dedicate these pieces of sun, warmth and nostalgia to all of my past and current loves:

I travel…back in the memories, back to the nostalgia – what we cannot keep seems most dearest for us…

Little Pumpkin

A long time ago, almost year and a half or more, a friend of mine showed me this website, made by him.

My first thought then was: “Hey, I can make a better pumpkin than this”, and immediately told him so. He said: “Well, fine, draw me a better one” and that’s how this little guy here came to the world.
This friend liked my pumpkin, but anyway didn’t use it for his site. So then I sent it to my full ICQ contact list just to show to everybody what I did. /childish, huh? I know, i know ;-)/

Today in some parts of the world people are celebrating Halloween, so I considered it suitable to show you this doodle here.

Nevermind if this day means something for you or not, but I personally like the pumpkins, The Smashing Pumpkins and the warm orange color, which, I believe, is pretty obvious. ;-)

Little Pumpkin :-P


I am so far from posting here lately, but I want to, damn it!

I am trying not very successfully to gather and rearrange my thoughts.
To rearrange somehow the things I want and the things I have to do on the same priority level.
To show here so many things, that I have done so far, that are created by me and I believe you gonna like them, my very few visitors, to like it as much as I do. ;-)

I promise to post something for Halloween tonight.

Till then I wanna share what’s in my ears today:

and that:

Oh, and did I mentioned that I have a tablet already? No?
Well, now I need only some time to get used to it, but will tell you more later about my progress.

Well…it seems when I don’t have enough spare time for creating little stupid things from clay, paper or textile, when I don’t have time to doodle and draw….only the music helps me to find myself.

How is it for you?

Catch 22

Today’s my birthday. 22 of October :-)
And despite I used to upload photos of all of my things made from clay /finished a long ago and some still unfinished/, I just didn’t succeed to.
But I’ll make better photos and will show them here, I promise. :-)

October is my favorite time of the year and is full with gala days for me.
On 9th Michel had also birthday and all day I wanted to greet him from here too, but there was too much work and I missed.
But he did it today for me from his blog, because he is the best man in the world!

Because of him in this rainy Monday I want to put a song here.
This is my greet to you, Michel, because you are you and because you are wonderful and unique:

And for all of you, my friends, the song is this:

A wonderful thing…

Swinging chair

…this rocking chair.

Simply prefect.

O, yes, and I will make one for myself .

And when I do it, I promise to upload here a picture of this chair in use. :-)

(The original design is from Carlos Motta.)

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I alway wonder what kind of person can throw the cigarette’s end or his junk food’s packings wherever it is. Just like that.

To give my contribution to this day, I appeal to everyone:

Please, throw your odds and ends only where they belongs!

Keep the chocolate or chips packing with you till the next recycle bin.

One waste matter less. One more clean view. :-)

Today Has Been Okay

When I watched Lord of the Rings, there and then I’ve noticed this singer for the first time and I remembered her name – Emiliana Torrini.
Later I just dropped her from my mind, but suddenly today I’ve stumbled upon her music again and I let it shine over my day.

I think about finding more of it and listen to it more than once. I wanna see how close this music can come and touch me…

P.S. It’s true that the sound in Gollum’s song is very familiar to Bj√∂rk, but aside of it the resemblance is as feeble as to show only that Torrini is also from Iceland.