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Live seeds and pure love

I made this poster very recently for a client, who was supposed to be participant in a forum in Hungary. It was a forum for eco-farmers, gardeners and non-government organizations, where they were gathered to discuss strategies about preserving the bio-diversity via authentic seeds, without hybrids and GMO.

Important part of the forum was the exhibition with posters, calling for action. I am proud to say that everybody, including the organizers of this forum, said to our participants that they find this particular poster and its message the best on in the exhibition (there were posters from over 15 countries).

My clients were very satisfied, they wrote to me and told me how people were saying all the time that this poster really touched them.

I am very happy about it. This piece of work looks quite simple, but also I like it very much, maybe because the inspiration for it came very suddenly. :-)

Friday Bunny #60 – Oikophobia

Friday bunny

60. Oikophobia — Fear of home surroundings, houses or being in a house.

Similar ones: Domatophobia, Eicophobia and Nostophobia – Fear of returning home.

Friday Bunny #59 – Hypertrichophobia

Friday bunny

59. Hypertrichophobia — Fear of hair.

I guess it’s a popular phobia, since there are different names for it:Trichophobia, Trichopathophobia and Chaetophobia.
There is also Doraphobia – Fear of fur or skins of animals.

I love you as…

Bored of cliches during the making of the Valentine’s stickers, I finally came up with this illustration:

(Roughly translated, it says in Russian: “I love you as vodka loves sour cucumbers”.)

Special greeting for a special person! ;-)