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Friday Bunny #71 – Angrophobia

Friday bunny

71. Angrophobia — Fear of becoming angry.

Wise people say that when you get angry, you are the one to suffer. Today Friday Bunny decided that nothing is going to make him angry.

Friday Bunny is taking a break today

Friday bunny

There were many times when I was this close to not present you with the next episode of Friday Bunny.
I “cheated” once or twice, but almost every Friday during the last year and a half there he was, trembling with fear.
Yet today, because of an awful headache and some other tasks that I cannot neglect, I decided to give this poor creature some well deserved break.
At least one Friday without being worried, isn’t it nice? Sweet dreams, Friday Bunny! :-)

Friday Bunny #69 – Mageirocophobia

Friday bunny

69. Mageirocophobia — Fear of cooking.

I always say there is nothing scary in cooking – if you have will and patience, you can learn to do everything. But I am not so sure about Friday Bunny…

Friday Bunny #66 – Anthophobia

(The eyes of the fear are big… Don’t forget to hover the picture with the mouse – there’s the reality.) ;)

66. Anthophobia – Fear of flowers.

Friday Bunny #65 – Astrophobia

Friday bunny

65. Astrophobia — Fear of stars and celestial space.

More: Siderophobia – Fear of stars, Spacephobia – Fear of outer space.

(on 12th of April was the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space)

Friday Bunny got new shoes

I tried some sport shoes design with Friday Bunny and friends for a contest, but I know the chance for winning is not that big, since there are many people participating and thanks to their Facebook friends, some have more than 600-700 likes.

But still, Friday Bunny has got real friends. One of them, Sve, asked me very nicely to try and make one pair of sport shoes for her.

I can’t resist a good challenge, so I didn’t refuse. Sve bought the shoes and the fabric colours and presented them to me this Friday evening.

My fingers were seriously itching to start the process immediately:

Finally, the result::

It’s not like some good factory print, but hand-made is a different thing, so I feel it looks alright.

Hope that Sve is going to like the shoes – she still doesn’t know they are ready, this post should be a surprise! :-)

Dueling Banjo Pigs: The Exhibit!

Can you imagine? Something that started as a fun game, seems now so much serious – an exhibit!

A gallery from Provo, Utah, is showing right now, in April, the dueling banjo pigs.

The time was not on my side – I had only 4 days to print and send the illustrations in Utah.

But both me and my friend Nixo decided that our pigs deserve to be there, together with the others, so we tried our best to help them travel. :-)

I managed to send these banjo pigs:

It was not an easy choice since I like very much some of the others, too.

Well, we did it – somewhere in Utah, USA, about a few thousand kilometers from here, our illustrations could be seen in a nice gallery.
Fun, isn’t it?
If you happen to be there, you can take a look at the exhibit – there are many wonderful illustrations and you can even buy some, if you like. ;-)

If you cannot go there, soon all of the illustrations will be uploaded on the website of Terra Nova gallery, so you can browse and enjoy them online. :-)