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Friday Bunny – THE ultimate toy!

Here it is one unexpected Friday Bunny!

But it is great, isn’t it? Even if not made by me, but by IKEA.

Friday bunny

Thanks for the good friends who made me this wonderful gift!

Here, there is a short video that shows the Bunny in it’s full glory:

[Flash player with embedded video]


Only that much

Friday bunny

Only that much today. But! It is Friday, there is a bunny, and it’s quite positive.

Smile more, dear friends! :-)

No Friday Bunny today

Friday bunny

Lots of apologies, but probably Bunny has got the cold and is not feeling very well today.
See you next Friday, dear friends!

Friday Bunny #80 – Bromidrophobia

Friday bunny

80. Bromidrophobia — Fear of body smells (or Bromidrosiphobia).

If you’ve ever been in our public transport during the summer, you should very, very well understand how Bunny feels…