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The bicycle

On the road againOr otherwise said, the roadster. Or the mountain-bike, or the racer, or the old bike of grandpa. Name it whatever, I don’t care. It is a dream on two wheels.

If I can ride it, that’s what I care. And to listen the sound of the tyres on the road, this very specific k-r-r-rrrrrrr while you are pedalling (yep, I don’t mean the sound of not oiled chain ;-))

I decided to write something about the next best friend of the man after dog – the bike.
Personally I have deep feelings towards this invention of the humanity.

Pity, but soon after it was dicovered the man is trying with big application to forget the bike’s existence – because to ride a bike you should make an effort, and the effort is just that thing most people don’t like at all and do not want to do ever if possible.

I want though. And I am riding – struggling against the non-popularity of this machine in my urban environment. (more…)

Music for the soul

heartfishTerrific weather. And a bit terrifying, too.

I am standing here, on the other side of the rain, watching it with love, feeling transported and listening to a wonderful music.

You can also listen to it from here, if you like. She is precious finding to me, called Vienna Teng from Thailand.

While browsing around and jumping from link to link I am getting more and more wonder-struck how many incredible places there are, that I will and I will not visit ever in this life.

How much music that I will hear and I will not, people that I will meet and I won’t, books, movies, pictures…

The weather is strange, that’s probably why I am falling into this weightless mood. Today I feel like dreaming-contemplating-notworking, but! – acumulating creative energy. ;-)

(the picture is made from me, it is called heartfish and it is something like Dive Deep Down Inside)

Wings of desire

In the lazy Sunday morning I just remembered this song of Texas:

(this woman has a good taste. Jean Reno is still Jean Reno.)

:-) I was distracted, but the point here is the video, obviously inspired from the Wim Wenders’ movie “Wings of desire”.

I’ve been watched this movie several times and I like it very much.
But Michel has a different view about this movie, so I was curious how other people find it.

Please, watch it if you are not and tell me what you think. :-)


Yesterday I realized that my promise for new song every day was a little bit out of hand.

First I thought it was a good idea and it could make me right more often. On the other hand, there’s a risk this place to become mainly a music blog.

That’s why I changed my mind and decided to post a song not every day, but from time to time. Good way to keep you in hot water, huh? :-P

Today I just noticed a new star on the brit pop-stage – Lilly Allen. I was about to skip her quickly, when something made me stop and listen more carefully.
In fact is very pleasant to the ears, if you don’t mind the sadistic tease in the video. They say this girl will go home with many Brit awards.

Lily Allen – Smile. Listen this and tell me what you think. (me still humming the refrain) :-)

P.S. And because a friend of mine asked for two songs today, here is one more from L. Allen. And one more. This girl is an interesting find, I mean it.

Another cat?

fat catYep, again. Sorry, if you feel bored, I am still not.
This one especially spent long time on my desk and I kinda like it.

I know also someone else attached to it. Hope at least he will be happy to see it here.:-)

What? A balance?

I just finished this test, and it confirmed something, that I already knew.


The sad truth is that I am desperately trying to find the balance between the work and my personal life.

Like many of you, I suppose. You wanna try the test?

The bright side of life

I bet you thought that I have forgotten the song for today?

Well, I am not. :-) here it is, saying the most important:
Monty Python