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Ceramic fibs

Hmm, this is cat again. ;-)Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Work is always what keeps me away from here.

I also need to upgrade to the last version of WordPress (really!), and it’s time to do it since even Lightbox script for the photos stopped work.

I always wanted to post here pictures of the things I make from clay. I really like to do such things and it’s a shame that I have this blog already for two months and still didn’t post anything of them.

Many of my friends know very well some of these and also have some at home as a gift from me. :-)
Well, I have to admit that for the last few years I couldn’t find time and especially tranquility to manage this little vice of me – hand crafts.

I am aware that after time my skills are faded, but slowly during last few months I am trying to recover them.

Closer lookThis tom-cat is not very fine and is still unfinished, but I like him very much and he also has own story.

The clay which is made from is a special one, hard workable and not refined. I found it by accident in one cave in Lakatnik last summer, while slipping on the edge of an underground lake.

I still have left of it and even if it is not easy to work with it, I want to use it all.

In the next posts I promise to put more photos of older clay things, with some of them I am even a bit proud. :-)

Thoughts in the rain

Corpse Bride

Have you seen the movie Corpse Bride?

I can commend it with enthusiasm to everyone, who can stand the dark sense of humour of Tim Burton. Personally, I adore it.

Not so long ago I watched this movie and felt in love not only in the story, but in the characters and the way the puppets are made.

Besides, the music is fantastic and complement the visual perfection of this modern fairy tale.

The dialogue has fine, subtle jokes – like the line: “Why go up there when people are dying, to get down here?”…

I really like all Burton’s movies, but by my humble opinion, this one is a true masterpiece, even better than Charlie and the chocolate factory.

I wish to be part of team that creates such things like these puppets with their delicate mechanisms, vivid faces and flexible figures.

Probably Burton will come one day in Bulgaria to make a movie like this, who knows.

If that, write me in, please. ;-)

Three minutes off

Vice, huh?...Somebody sent me this funny test with images. You can try by yourselves, if you want to check your “visual DNA”. :-)

It says i am – an Easy Rider (wish I was).

Probably every time you do it, the result will be different, depending on your mood at the moment.

But anyway, it’s nice for some tiny distraction. :-)

Early spring

The flowerI am having this plant from over two years already.

Its father was growing in my previous office and it was twice bigger, but nobody ever seen it blooming and I thought that it is just not that kind. :-)

Well, few days ago this greeny surprised me with beautiful blossoms and made me very happy.

Yep, it's quite phallic...;-)
I didn’t expect such a present from it, I used to like it the way it was.

If somebody knows the name if this plant, please, let me know it. :-)

Thoughts in love

The oldest valentineI usually feel very strange about this date. We all know how fictional is this celebration and like it is not the day of love, but the day of all sellers of flowers, balloons, heart-shaped souvenirs and etc.

But hey, if look the matter this way, aren’t all holidays in the year special because we want them to be?

Today I found in the news the oldest valentine at all.

It’s written on it:

“My dear the Heart which you behold,
Will break when you the same unfold,
Even so my heart with lovesick pain,
Sure wounded is and breaks in twain.”

I made a simple translation in Bulgarian, which I posted in the other version of this blog.

This is my way to say Happy Valentine Day to all of us who celebrate Love, not simply this day.

Whiskey in the jar

Oh, at last. Two whole weeks after the concert of Dublin City Workingman’s Band in Sofia (January 26th, National Palace of Culture, Hall 2) I started to write about my own impressions from the event, mini review or sort of.

This concert was one of the numerous events, dedicated to our acceptance in the European Union. (All that jazz, I little bit annoying, huh?).

{Dublin City Workingman's Band} Lilly of the WestBefore the concert small glasses with Baileys и Bushmills were responsible for ensuring the proper mood for Irish music. First Lilly Drumeva with her band Lilly of the West made some songs, very tender and totally unobtrusive stage performance.

The atmosphere was great, but could not prepare us at all for the following typhoon – the wonderful Workingman’s Band.


Two-wheeled dreams

ВелолифтFew days ago a friend of mine sent me these photos. A bike lift.

Fascinating idea. I really wish to see something like that in Sofia.

Don’t tell me, I’m a dreamer, know it.

Strange why the most simple ideas cannot grow in here…

But it looks cool, isn’t it? :-)

SPAM emails: sky is the limit

Note the SUBJECT of the message - the spammer warns you that what you are about to open is actually SPAM!You won’t believe me, but this morning I received a SPAM e-mail in one of my e-mail accounts, which was marked :SPAM: by the spammer!

I opened the e-mail just out of curiosity – such a polite spammer, he (or she) should deserve 5 more seconds of my time. I also thought it could be a joke from someone – who knows?

Funny, when I discovered that the message which warned me in the SUBJECT that it was SPAM, was actually… SPAM!


Like cats and dogs

ballyAfter almost one week, spent mainly ill, dark and working, I already remembered that I have a blog.

My head is full with ideas for new posts, but somehow every time when I sit in front of the computer I’m start thinking only about work and suddenly my writing inspiration completely evaporate.

Despite this I couldn’t resist the temptation to write about this nice piece of comics (did you click the picture already?), taken from here: Sinfest. This place is dangerous, I am warning you – for few days I was stick to it and checked it all…it made me almost a zombie. :-)

But from all of the characters most friendly I felt the puppy Pooch and the kitty Percival, probably because their relations describe very well the peacefull co-existence of my small family.

Michel, special greets for you. :-)