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Friday Bunny #91 – Teleophobia

Friday bunny

91. Teleophobia — Fear of definite plans. Fear of religious ceremony.

it’s not that he wasn’t invited anywhere, he just couldn’t take a decision.

So, standing home alone for the holidays, Bunny realized that the Year of the White rabbit is almost over.

Friday Bunny #90 – Pagophobia

90. Pagophobia – Fear of ice or frost.

Last night Friday Bunny forgot to go inside and it seems his smile has frozen.

We wish you a warm and cozy Christmas! :-)

Bob and Bobek :)

No Friday Bunny today – we are changing the apartment and the moving out is processing. :)

For a small compensation I suggest you to watch one episode of my favorite cartoon from childhood:

The music is very catchy, I warned you! ;-)