WE BE MIRACLES by Jamie McDonald and The Number Nein (review)

„Give a little more, take a little less“

The best advice for all of us comes from Jamie McDonald with the last song from his new album – WE BE MIRACLES.

Let me tell you about the way I heard it.
The ten fresh songs from this album will definitely bring pleasure to your ears, but don’t be misled – there is also a lot more in it.
This time Jamie and The Number Nein are just him, Ivan Alexiev, Alexander Mihaylov and Borislav Petrov. No female back vocals this time, but that’s not a flaw – I guess it was a deliberate decision.
WE BE MIRACLES is not a simple album to please the occasional listener, for it pays an homage to some of Jamie’s music influences and it dives expertly in the complex matters of life and death.


Never shy to experiment, Jamie delivers an album with a timeless quality. There is this clever way of nodding to the past with two feet in the now and a hope for the future. Jamie certainly knows how to weave a song that stays with you long after the last note fades away.

There is a song that sounds like the band is jamming in the basement and the atmosphere is positively immersive.
There is a song with Irish motives and I think this is the first one when he pays such respect to his roots.
There are two more, this time with a sound that is unmistakably Bulgarian – the traditional sound of the kaval/shepherd’s flute is used playfully and the result is just beautiful.

Jamie is building bridges – between the styles and the countries, and connects the dots with sincerity and skill that only look easy.
After the first listening I was able to hear each and every song in my mind just a second after reading the title – which says a good deal about Jamie’s talent for songwriting.

Noisy, raw, energetic, vivid sound – haunting tunes that wrap the feeling of being resilient in difficult times – and soft and tender when it’s needed. That’s Jamie for you, once again, with feeling. :-) It is what I get from his music. You can give it a try and perhaps you might find that ray of light you desperately need in your life right now.

Diversity and exploration are the weapon of choice for Jamie, so for those who are already familiar with his previous work We be miracles doesn’t ruin the expectations. It very naturally adds another gem to the treasure chest of his music legacy. Humble and generous, it is gently reminding us all that the miracles we are waiting for… are not coming from outside.

P.S. Thank you for never being boring or disappointing, Jamie. I am eager to hear this album live, and soon. It’s a music you can listen when you need a lighthouse in the storm. My rate: 8/10.

P.P.S. If you wonder why I never write negatively about this guy, it’s simple – I respect and enjoy his talent and admire his work. You can listen and buy all of his albums here: /bandcamp link/

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