Bulgaria Web Summit ’17 — mascot and logo design

This year begins nicely — with a lot of work, just as I like it. :-)

Bogo Shopov from Bulgaria Web Summit asked me recently if I can create a new mascot for the event, and to integrate it with the conference’s website logo. I tried my best at the moment, and the following happened:

Bulgaria Web Summit mascot
This is Summitosaurus superioris (or Summi for short)

The concept is simple — the creature, Summitosaurus superioris, is a social and friendly animal, a kind of dinosaur.

(The event is not happening for the first time — in fact, Bogo is making these great things for so long now, that in internet terms it is almost close to ancient history.)

The back of the dinosaur is like a mountain peak and the reason for that is quite obvious — a direct analogy with the word “summit,” but also a hint that this is a top event. :-)

Summi carries a lot of knowledge and wisdom and is ready to share them with those who are not afraid to climb to the top.

The creature is a symbol of experience, competence, stability, power, friendship and sociability.

I feel quite content with the end result and what’s more important, Bogo liked it, too. What do you think?

Bulgaria Web Summit logo
And this is the event’s logo with the Summitosaurus superioris being part of it.

*Also, if by any chance you have been living in a cave and you’ve never heard about the Bulgaria Web Summit conference, make a point of checking it this year. The people who attend it are a great bunch and the speakers are as amazing as ever! The conference will take place in Sofia, April 7-8 2017. Tickets are almost sold out, so hurry if you want to attend!

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