Do you know Gravil?

There is this new software called Gravit Designer. It is a browser-based app for vector illustration and UI design. I am testing it from time to time, for it is still under development, but looks very handy and promising.

Here is their logo (I do not know the author?):

Gravit logo

At one point last year, while fooling around with the logo of Gravit and trying to do something fun with it (for the sole purpose of fun), this happened:

Gravit friendly fish

…and then it changed and evolved into that:


And here is the GIF version:

Gravil animated

The team behind Gravit liked this second little fellow enough to call it Gravil and choose it for their official mascot. So I am quite proud with the progress of this little baby. Gravil even made it to new York city in life-size version! :-) Wish him luck!

Gravil in New York

Oh, and I strongly recommend you to try Gravit Designer — you will enjoy its features and the ease with which it can be used. :-)


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    I found recently your excellent review of Gravit Designer at Smashing magazine. I really like your work.
    I’m interested about your opinion of new generation Chromebooks: many of those have Wacom touch-screen display, and cheaper “macbook-alike” 15,6″ Acer 15 could be bought in EU under 600€.
    It is approved that Gravit works fluently under those devices, but I’m not sure about touch screen, for sketching etc.
    What’s your opinion about it?

  3. Ani

    Hi! Sorry for this incredibly delayed reply. but I was sort of carried away from my blog in the last few months. I’ve never had the chance to try the Chromebook, so I cannot give you an opinion on this. But I believe you can find more information on Gravit’s forum, where many designers are sharing their experiences.

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