I’ve got a list with favorite illustrators, but there is one that always manage to move me with her style, characters and colors. Monica Calvo’s artwork is a true source of inspiration and beauty.

Some of her illustrations were frequent guest on my desktop during the last few years, and this one never fails to cheer me up:

Monica's funny monsters

I do not know what kind of technique she uses, but the result is always adorable.

It may seem not related, but actually it is: Adobe Fireworks CS5 is already released.

Because I love this particular piece of software and I use it for quite a long time, I think I am able to recommend it to anyone who needs a great tool for web design and illustrations. I had the honor to be a beta-tester for this version and so it happens that I know for sure – it is really stable and full of surprises.

One of the new options was appealing to me – the Compound shapes. I wanted to try it immediately and start playing with some ideas, having Monica’s monsters before my eyes. That’s how my strange little creatures came out:

My stupid creatures

Well, at least they are brave – trying to scare away even the flies, which are famous of being impertinent and fearless… ;-)


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  3. Gavski

    So nice – a really nice organic feel to these wee dudes with the colouring and shading. I’m just starting to play with the trial version of CS5 today, then time to visit the bank as a purchase is on the horizon…

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