Meerkat Manor

I guess it’s hardly left anyone on Earth not knowing what kind of animals are the meerkats (Suricata suricatta).
Surely big part of the human population is familiar with the famous Animal Planet’s sequel.

The meerkats

Few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I will accept an order to make some clay figures. He wanted to make a surprise gift to his girlfriend, which apparently is a great fan of these lovely animals.

And because meerkats usually live together in families, the only condition was to make more than two figures.

The meerkats

Finally, I made five of them. I am proud to present them to you:

The meerkats

The meerkats

As far as I know, the receiver is very happy with them. And so do I, since the making was such a big pleasure to me. :-)


  1. Michel

    They look like they’re alive and are about to start walking around! :)))

    You really should be producing a few series of them for all your fans!

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