Beer mouse

It was about time to show this little mouse to you. I’ve made it almost two years ago, especially for Michel to illustrate his attitude to beer. :-)

It’s sketched in Adobe Flash, with my lovely Wacom tablet.

The Beer mouse

Then I’ve changed and colored it and that was the result:

The Beer mouse

It’s a common guest on our desktops.

And just because I really like illustrations over photos (like these, for a good example), here is another favorite version of mine:

The Beer mouse

(The photo used here is fromFlickr and under CC license, sorry that I don’t remember the name of the author and don’t know where I keep the link anymore).


  1. Michel

    This is an amazing illustration which I am absolutely in love with! One of your best, ever! :-)

    I really cannot find the words, how good you are and how great are your illustrations!! Thank you for sharing them with the world…

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