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The three laws of blogging

1. The more you read other blogs, the less you write in your own.

1. The more you write in your blog, the more you want to write.

2. The less you write, the more you don’t want to write.

*Author – :-)


I am waking up again because of the radio. I’ve been falling asleep and getting awake like this for years, but the last few ones my faithful Nokia 6210 did the same job for me.

I have forgotten how pleasant is to open eyes because of the nice song playing at the moment and without even expect which one it will be. It’s just not the same to wake up with Winamp playlist on the computer, then you’ll know the songs and it won’t be a surprise.

This morning the first song playing was a very old and almost forgotten one, “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” – Heart.
As a girl I never listened more than the refrain of the song and I couldn’t recollect the video, but today I just checked Google for the lyrics and it’s quite obvious that the kid in me is still here, because it was impressed. I still love when a song has a story to tell me.

Enjoy this small return to the past ;-)

Belated for Christmas

Christmas cookies

Here you are, my Christmas cookies.
Sorry, only this picture left, we ate the models. ;-)

I spent two unforgettable days in the kitchen of my own home with my parents, magically turned on to be kids again.
Hours and hours we spent with sugar-coated hands and I was watching my parents, funny quarrelling who is supposed to decorate this or those cookie and why it’s made like this and not otherwise. It was…fairytale. Homey and Christmas-like. The way it always should be.
This Christmas I miss my grandma again. I often miss her, but on holidays I feel her absence in particular.
I am sure she would love these cookies.

I wanted to send this picture as a Christmas card to all my friends, but anyway, I didn’t, so I am showing it here.

Feel satisfied this way, or if you are not, better wait for remake till next Christmas. ;-)

“Do not put off work…

…for tomorrow”. And why not?

After the warm and cozy holidays, spent mainly with family at home, I am again at work and feel awfully out of place.

Then I saw this and cannot resist to show it to all of you, who believe that work till death is something natural.

Show commitment

I do believe that everyone has its calling.
That he or she has to search for it without rest till the day when will find that the job is not only a job for money or prestige, but it could be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
What I thinks is that there is no such a job, deserving to neglect yourself, your health, your friends and family or just to forget that work is not the most important thing in life.

*People who put the focus only on carrier will inevitably pay the price, now or later. And this price is always high.
Bad news are that one can realize this only after life slapped him in the face and almost never before something nasty happened.

*/Deductions from personal experience/

Cookies, Part Two

Cookies (home-madeI am obviously culinary addicted lately :-) Indeed, I had a particular reason to make these cookies last Sunday, but then the reason was canceled and only the cookies left. ;-)

Maybe I have to admit that these ones were not so tasty as the previous, but they were good, too. In their own way.
I wondered if I have to decorate them and with what, but then I found some fluid chocolate in the refrigerator and I used it.
(It wasn’t very delicious and that’s why it was still there)

It looks fine and makes better taste, only next time I will use some really good chocolate, a kind that stays hard when cooled.

Cookies (home-made

Well, they were beautiful at least, that’s why I am showing them. :-)

Cookies (home-made

The Year of the Rat (and mice)

2008is the year of the rat and is the first sign from the Chinese zodiac.
The rat is a creative problem-solver, imaginative, hyperactive worker respected for its resourcefulness.
It is intuitive, with ability in acquiring and holding on to things it values.

“Rats” are people born in 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996.

Personally, I like the mice. So much that I made one from plush as a gift for Michel:

The plush mouse

Here again, in full size ;-)

The plush mouse in its full beauty

I do hope that 2008 will be one lucky year.
An year in which things will go right and well and won’t fail despite of all the efforts.
Eight is my favorite number – it’s well-balanced and promises eternal harmony.

I wish “happiness for everyone for nothing and nobody to be neglected”*.

* Arkad and Boris Strugatzki, “Roadside picnic”). :-)