Catch 22

Today’s my birthday. 22 of October :-)
And despite I used to upload photos of all of my things made from clay /finished a long ago and some still unfinished/, I just didn’t succeed to.
But I’ll make better photos and will show them here, I promise. :-)

October is my favorite time of the year and is full with gala days for me.
On 9th Michel had also birthday and all day I wanted to greet him from here too, but there was too much work and I missed.
But he did it today for me from his blog, because he is the best man in the world!

Because of him in this rainy Monday I want to put a song here.
This is my greet to you, Michel, because you are you and because you are wonderful and unique:

And for all of you, my friends, the song is this:

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