Your song – Moulin Rouge

Since yesterday I didn’t post a song, today i’ll compensate.

This song is from the movie Moulin Rouge and it’s performed by Ewan McGregor (and Alessandro Safina).
Personally, I like this performance, even if I am not aware of what Sir Elton John has in mind about it.

I stopped to trust his opinion since recently I read him saying somewhere in a interview, that James Blunt’s song You’re beautiful is the new equivalent of Your Song.

Nothing against this guy (Blunt), only he is singing terribly. Probably I could like his song much more, if somebody else is doing it, but please, with less bleating voice. And only not to leave you thinking that I am too critical about Blunt, see how much he can infuriate someone with his singing.

In fact the author of this brilliant parody was forced to stop the sound and the text, but if someone really wants to hear it, just write me and I will send it to you personally.

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